Making the Most of Your Digital Events

Making the Most of Your Digital Events

Chloe AustinChloe Austin
Marketing Account Specialist

Consider these tactics and potential benefits when hosting a webinar or other digital event.

Repackage for Maximum Content: It’s vital for ROI to take the content of a digital event and repackage it for different platforms. Different audiences prefer to consume content in different ways. Are you repurposing content to your full advantage?

Real-Time Feedback: During webinars, participants can submit questions and answer polls to give their hosts live feedback, creating a direct line to your audience.

Intimacy: Webinars can help cultivate a closer relationship between firms and target audiences through responsive communication and real-time interactions.
Give serious thought to using an outside marketing resource.

Affordability: Contracting a third party marketing resource to organize and execute a digital event can save your team valuable time and potentially give an effective return on investment.

Lead Generation: Your digital event may attract and interest key industry players that other marketing efforts didn’t discover. Lead generation can come before, during or after a digital event, depending on how content is repurposed and tracked.

At SGI, we’ve created a content program based on our expertise in hosting digital events. We believe in a full-circle process which means our team to creates, executes and repackages our clients’ digital events to maximize their exposure to key audiences. To learn more about SGI and ways we can partner with your team, please contact us online.