Marketing Services

Markets are volatile, but marketing doesn’t have to be.

Strategy and Campaign Development
Comprehensive or Tactical Planning

Having developed and executed a national, multi-brand marketing program for an entire market segment, SGI can help investment management companies maximize their marketing reach with key constituents in advisor, investor and media communities.

Content Development and Distribution
Email Campaigns, Digital, Print and Social Media, Webinars

From the creation of independent content pieces that ease up everyday workflow to the launch of fully branded, multi-channel content networks, SGI’s content approach marries innovation and efficiency.

Financial and Social Media Outreach
Build followers, engage key constituents, generate awareness

From targeted financial media communications to creating a steady drumbeat of content across social platforms, SGI brings key issues to the public and disseminates the information needed to make informed decisions. Based on the unique situation of clients, SGI then leverages social and/or media outreach to reach key targets to create a bigger conversation and increase engagement.

Internal Marketing
Presentations, events, fact sheets, tracking and reporting

Designed to help clients realize their full impact, SGI develops digital-first, integrated marketing materials. For optimal results, SGI synthesizes data and trends, tracking results along every step.