Event Management

One of the premier services offered by SGI is event management. Backed by the expertise of our in-house team, we develop and manage multiple events each year from large conferences and exhibitions to intimate summits and roundtables to gala awards programs. As a full-service event agency, we manage not only logistics and execution, but also event branding, promotions, digital and production support, registration process and payments and a top-notch on-the-ground team. But what we are best known for is leveraging our extensive knowledge of the asset management industry and our hundreds of partner and client relationships to develop dynamic, targeted agendas. Our agendas uniquely deliver access to subject matter experts, industry best practices and relevant thought leadership. Unlike other meetings where presentations consist of boilerplate content in listen-only mode, our events are attendee driven and interactive, making them “can’t miss” and highly sought after by senior leaders. Learn about current events

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