Podcast Amplification

Podcast Amplification – Part I: Getting Started

Libby HastertLibby Hastert
Content & Social Media Specialist

You’ve cemented a concept, secured a speaker and recorded your podcast. Recording the podcast is only the first of many steps, though. Posting your podcast to a content hub simply won’t suffice – you need to amplify it. Here to take you through a quick walkthrough of SGI’s podcast amplification process is Content & Social Media Specialist Libby Hastert.

1. Look Three Steps Ahead
Like an article or video, a podcast is just a launch pad for content dissemination. My goal isn’t having a handful of users listen to the podcast. My goal is to always ensure maximum exposure for any given piece of content.

Pro Tip: Keeping your end goal in mind helps you assess additional publishing platforms for content amplification.

2. Know Your Audience
With one of our clients heavily rooted in the advisor space, we know that every podcast recorded on their behalf automatically needs to be reconfigured for YouTube, transcribed for posting on advisor-centric self-publishing platforms and also parsed apart for applicable social postings. It has to be a comprehensive effort, specific to each channel.

3. Don’t Stray From Tried-and-True Tactics
Taking things one step further, we always look for media outreach opportunities. The media remains one of the most powerful means of podcast amplification, so don’t overlook it.

“When it comes to the media, building relationships and providing relevant yet concise information is key. Podcast recordings and transcripts can be a way to engage the media in a topic that opens the door for exclusive client interviews,” says Gina Meagher, who oversees SGI media efforts.

Tapping into other channels that aren’t uniquely yours —like the media— is a great way to amplify your message, reaching new targets.

Doing It Right

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is because it is…at least initially. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of digital content creation and have a good feel for your audience, walking through these motions becomes routine.