DI Survey Findings Summary: A Look at Team Structure

In a survey taking a pulse of data and business intelligence sectors, investment management professionals shared their insight on team structure and expectations. After reaffirming our suspicions that nearly half of data professionals report to sales and distribution teams, we decided to take things further with a virtual roundtable that takes a closer look at these findings on April 13.

With a complete summary made available for community subscribers, these findings were designed to help guide data teams to success. Below are some highlights, but the complete report can be accessed using a DataInnovators login.

The Pulse of Data Teams in the Now

Primary titles of team members:

• Analyst
• Business Intelligence Analyst
• CRM Advanced Admin
• Customer Segmentation Analyst
• Data Analyst

• Data Quality Analyst
• Manager, Data Analytics
• Manager, Sales & Marketing Data Operations
• Process Analyst
• Product Analyst

• Sales Analyst
• Sales Strategy and Analytic Manager
• Senior Analyst
• Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
• Senior Business Intelligence Developer

Most sought-after talents:

• Coding
• Communication Skills
• Core Analytics Capabilities
• Data Analyst

• Data Application Specialist
• Data Science
• Financial Background
• Industry Knowledge

• Information Technology
• Project Management
• SalesForce Developer

Focus in 2018-Forward

Survey participants overwhelmingly identified team expansion as their main resource objective for 2018. More specifically, over half of those surveyed identified the knowledge of data CRMs, visualizers and user interfaces as “very important.”

Note: The above represents a summary of the survey findings. Only DataInnovators subscribers have access to the full report.