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Advisor Summit Completes First Year’s Schedule
SGI has completed the first year schedule of CEFA Advisor Summits—designed to educate advisors about the benefits of CEFs. These continuing education courses will be begin year two with an event in Morristown, New Jersey and Miami, Florida.
Distribution & Product Council
Meetings of two MFEA Council are set to take place in Baltimore, hosted by
Legg Mason.
Plans for AMiX Underway
SGI is in the planning stages for the Asset Management Innovation Exchange.
Date and location will be announced December 10th.
2014 Fall

09.24 Advisor Summit on CEFs Morristown, NJ
10.21 Marketing Council Chicago, IL
10.21 The STAR Awards Celebration Chicago, IL
11.18 Distribution Council Roundtable Baltimore, MD
11.19 Product Council Roundtable Baltimore, MD

2015 Winter

02.03 Advisor Summit on CEFs Miami, FL
02.26 Distribution Technology Summit Orlando, FL
04.28 Distribution Council Charlotte, NC
04.29 Product Council Charlotte, NC