Marketing Insights for the New Year

Marketing Insights for the New Year

kimberChloe Austin
Marketing Account Specialist

As SGI looks to 2018, technology’s role in the asset management industry continues to become increasingly important for both consumers and professionals. To stay ahead, consider a couple key insights as your firm looks to develop a marketing strategy for the New Year.

Social media offers fast-moving, easily consumed media. What does this mean? Industry-leading organizations, like those in the asset management industry, have the opportunity to reach a diverse audience across various social media platforms. With 67 percent of Americans looking to social media for news and industry updates in 2017, up five percent from 2016, this opportunity for content dispersion should be strategically embraced (Pew Research Center, 2017).

The wave of political tax, healthcare and other reform will leave consumers with questions about their current portfolios and new opportunities for investing. Consequently, consumers and professionals will be looking to industry leaders for guidance and education as we move in to 2018. With this in mind, organizations should take advantage of the need for education, creating a timely content production calendar to stay a relevant leader.

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