For over 25 years SGI has served as a valued partner, trusted to manage key trade groups and councils that serve the investment management industry. Our reach extends beyond the traditional roles of administrative and fiduciary management to include programs that represent and market the industry to public audiences. We operate data-driven education websites, oversee national media relations, conduct public awareness campaigns, manage secondary marketing programs, facilitate member and advisor events across the country and much more.

Fully-Managed Trade Associations and Executive Councils
It takes experience, capability and in-depth industry knowledge to provide comprehensive association management and a full suite of services to operate in today’s digitally connected environment. From executive leadership to strategic vision to commerce-driven web platforms to email communications campaigns, we offer end-to-end services to ensure success and a smooth continuity of service.

CEFA (Closed-End Fund Association — 15 years) is the national trade association representing the closed-end fund industry. CEFA is committed to educating financial advisors and investors about the many benefits of unique investment products and providing a resource for information about its members and their offerings. As the management company for CEFA, we pioneered a secondary marketing program for the industry that includes elements such as a content marketing program and continuing education events for registered advisors.

MFEA (Mutual Fund Education Alliance — 25 years) is the national trade association for mutual fund executives in the Digital, Distribution, Marketing and Product areas of the business. Through these groups, our firm has moved to the forefront as a leading knowledge-broker in technology and innovation. Among the many roles we fulfill for the MFEA is the operation of a website for investor education and the development of agendas for numerous summits, conferences and roundtables that focus on innovation and best practices.

Executive Councils
SGI pioneered Executive Councils to bring together key executive constituencies in specific practice areas to examine strategies, exchange ideas and discuss industry trends.

Digital Council (20 years): Focuses on planning and executing digital marketing and mobile strategies
Distribution Council (15 years): Focuses on the dynamic challenges and opportunities in distributing mutual funds across multi channels.
Marketing Council (12 years): Focuses on strategies of retail and third-party marketing, shareholder communications, corporate image and public relations
Product Council (5 years): Explores trends, challenges and opportunities in the critical business areas of product development, management and governance.