Executive Management

It takes experience, capability and in-depth knowledge to provide the necessary leadership and management oversight to operate national trade associations. We have a number of long-term experienced professionals who have proven track records at managing associations, Executive Councils and major industry initiatives: including the highly specialized ability to provide national media representation.

Areas of management expertise include:

  • Manage Association business at the direction of members
  • Provide oversight of all Association business
  • Professional; industry knowledgeable executive management
  • National spokesperson; public representative with groups/industry partners
  • Prepare and manage annual budget
  • Provide strategic direction and annual planning
  • Manage all day-to-day operations, staff and programs
  • Manage all member relations
  • Conduct meetings and teleconferences
  • Oversee communications materials/messages to all audiences
  • Develop and oversee media strategy and communications
  • Handle all media relations; coordinate member/industry messages
  • Media relations contact program
  • Press releases and announcements
  • Maintain trade press and key press databases
  • Writing and editing of media materials
  • Develop press events
  • Recruitment of new members