DI Connect Inaugural Webinar

libbyLibby Hastert
Content & Social Media Specialist

DataInnovatorsConnectSM held its inaugural webinar, What Data Asset Management is Using, How & Why on October 19th. The webinar was attended by data professionals from the Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Product and Distribution sectors from over thirty different asset management firms.

Ken Burd, Business Manager – Client Group | Macquarie Investment Management | MIM Americas led discussion around issues of how firms are making purchase decisions in light of the massive volume of data available, where they are storing information, and more. Sharing insight on these key issues were Jim Bytnar, Manager, Business Intelligence — Janus Henderson Investors and Jamie Hedrick, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst — Legg Mason.

With two more kickoff events scheduled for 2017, DataInnovatorsConnectSM hopes to meet an overlooked industry need.

Head of the organizing committee, Ken Burd, echoes this sentiment, saying “My personal hope for this group is to garner enough members to where we are able to: Facilitate consistent educational opportunities through white papers, webinars and other forms of communication; introduce those of us doing similar jobs so we can share experiences and challenges; have in-person conferences per year so we can get together and hear from one another as well as our vendors and clients; gain the knowledge and real life examples we need to increase and maintain the support of our firms to continue to build our resources and teams.”

Information about how data professionals in the asset management can join this community is coming soon. For more details email SGI@smithgroupinc.com.