Content Partnership for CEFs

Content Partnership with Asset TV
SGI has facilitated a partnership with Asset TV to provide additional exposure for our clients and to help enhance Asset TV’s closed-end fund channel. This is an example of how SGI help leaders in the investment industry create meaningful content, using effective communication tools and distribution. In addition to being published on the Asset TV website, these high-quality videos are also available on CEFA’s website and can be used by the featured firm.

CEFA Advisor Summit Asset TV Features

About Asset TV
Asset TV is the leading global online video research channel with the latest reports from investment professionals. Over 2,500 video reports are available to watch on demand, currently accessed by a global audience of 400,000 Institutions, Consultants, Plan Sponsors, Endowments & Foundations, Wealth Professionals, and Financial Advisors. In addition to research, Asset TV is used as a valuable source for Continuing Education.

Asset TV is also a founding partner of the Bloomberg Professional and Reuters Insider video services – resulting in syndication of Asset TV content to a global audience of 500,000+ institutional users.