Calling All Data Professionals: Subscription Now Open

kimberLibby Hastert
Content & Social Media Specialist

With two webinars complete and another happening this December, the DataInnovatorsConnect (DI Connect) group continues to earn the attention of professionals with responsibility for the critical data and analytics side of the asset management industry.

On the first two webinars, data and analytics professionals led open-format discussions on team structure and resources, as well as what and how data is being harnessed on a firm-by-firm basis. With overwhelming audience participation in interactive polls and open Q&A, we’re pleased to share a some insights.

Quick Take: When participants were polled about whether or not they use a BI platform, 66% of respondents from over 20 firms reported that they are currently using one. More specifically, Tableau remains the most used platform to date. 

Where We’re Headed
Driven by participation and feedback, we’re excited to announce that DI Connect is now open for subscription on an individual or team basis. Over the course of your subscription, we will make the following available: Access to a network of industry peers; Best practice-focused webinars and events; contact hub for member, vendor and expert-authored content; first-look access to new technologies and tools; ongoing continuing education; and, professional development and team strategy workshops.

Coming soon, December’s webinar on how firms define data success is open to new subscribers, as well as individuals who have not yet taken advantage of their complimentary webinar registration.